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a lil preview of the full band suss
thanks to post-trash for hosting this first:


art by liz walber // ~art direction~ by jaclyn walsh ;P
recorded & mixed by zoë wyner & matt mara

bass - zoë wyner
drums - larz brogan
guitar & vox - jaclyn walsh


released January 12, 2017




DUMP HIM Northampton, Massachusetts

queercore revival 2017


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Track Name: Attack And Amend
you call me,
distilling apathy,
saying that you’ll leave
but you won’t leave

yr trying yr best
to craft gloomy epithets
that you won’t let me see
you stay good to me

telling off your friends
attack and amend
you’re dying so i won’t leave

try to keep you afloat
but i will overflow
swim away from me
aim to aggrieve

i think this is good for nothing,
i am too young to poise myself --
never mind plunging others,
it pervades me with regret.

and you call me
assuming property
saying that you’ll grieve
but i will leave

it’s our fate to waste
in separate states
i’m laboring away
to make you go away

what you call home
i never will know
move far from you,
embrace solitude

take some time
to unwrap my mind
from what you
tangled it up in

i know this is good for nothing
i’m old enough to poise myself
and the sinking others that i hold
will not source regret


this song is about high school. RIP.